What Are The Top 10 Halloween Costumes?

Costumes have been a component of Halloween since time immemorial. Halloween is one of the most cherished celebrations in the United States and has its own rituals, culture, and customs. It is celebrated as an annual religious celebration. Halloween is associated with frightening Halloween-themed costumes, spells, chase, jack-o’-lanterns pumpkins, black cats, as well as all other symbols and images which are related to Halloween. Which are your top 10 Halloween costumes you can wear?

Costumes of the Ancient People: The costumes of the ancient people who celebrated Halloween were mainly in the style of costumes worn by goddesses and gods. The costumes are similar to those that were worn by Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. Their costumes were primarily composed of a long robe made of wool or linen, huge pieces of hair accessories that were worn by only women, a wide belt made of leather or metal, a headpiece made of feathers, flowers, and vibrant feathers, as well as a helmet resembling the helmet of a horse, dolphin, or another marine animal. Some even wore hairstyles as a witch, ornaments masks for religious celebrations, and weapons such as bows, swords and arrows.

Modern Day Costumes: Halloween costumes of the present are inspired by various different aspects of the past. Costumes of today are mostly similar to the ones worn by Hollywood artists, such as vampires werewolves, werewolves, zombies as well as other characters from the fictional world. There are a myriad of materials which can be utilized to create these costumes. The most well-known fabrics are silk, vinyl and denim. The fabric used for these costumes is chosen based on the kind of look and feel, as well as the cost.

Costumes for Theatre Halloween costumes of today are similar to the costumes that actors wear. They are made of different heavy fabrics and are constructed in a manner to be easily worn for any occasion. The majority of these costumes are embellished with the name of the event and an initial. These costumes are grand and are usually personalized with an initial on the front of the waistline and at the back of the neck.

Fashionable Costumes: The term “Fashionable” is a reference to those costumes that can be worn on special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, pageants etc. The popularity of such costumes is growing because they permit the wearer to make her or his individual fashion statement. It allows people to express themselves and define their individuality. The latest fashion is to incorporate sequins, zippers, and beads to make your attire more beautiful. These dresses can also be worn to church. These dresses are now so popular that teenagers, college students and even guys wear them to parties.

Costume designers pay a lot of attention when designing costumes for theatrical performances, operas and other forms of art. Every costume must portray the character or mood of the performer. The costumes should be created with consideration to the visual effects of which the show is built on. A fairy costume, for instance, is designed to provide the wearer with a distinct personality. The color and design must match the specific production. Costumes are also worn for fashion shows, theme parties and social occasions.

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